Building on Patterns is a systematic, comprehensive, and balanced literacy program designed to teach young children with visual impairments to read and write using braille.

Second Grade. Cartoon of pencils with books.

Second Grade

Building on Patterns Second Grade includes more worksheets, part-word braille contractions, and other remaining literary contractions and symbols along with the rules to use them. The curriculum also emphasizes syllables and multisyllabic words, and the effect of certain letter combinations on vowel sounds. For optional map work, each lesson in Units 1–6 gives the foreign origin of at least one spelling word.

Recommended ages: 7 to 8 years and up.
Prerequisite: BOP First Grade or equivalent skills.


  • Humor
  • Community Helpers
  • Family and Friends
  • Sports, Recreation and Leisure
  • Science: Weather, Plants, Seasons
  • Science: Animals, Insects and Environment


  • Timed reading in each lesson
  • More independent reading suggestions
  • Quick Read for silent reading and reading comprehension practice
  • Simplified lesson monitoring sheets
  • Special section with information on individual contributors (authors, illustrators, etc.) to BOP in each unit

illustration of a ladybugEach student kit includes Lesson Monitoring Sheets, Consumable Unit Assessment Packet, Student Textbook, and Worksheets Pack.

Sample Activities

Download examples of activities found inside Building on Patterns:

Teacher Reviews

quotation markquotation markThere’s a nice variety of fun & skill building reading, writing, and language activities. The tactile graphics are helpful in preparing my students to take our state assessments.

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