Building on Patterns is a systematic, comprehensive, and balanced literacy program designed to teach young children with visual impairments to read and write using braille.

Second Grade

UEB LogoAll BOP student materials are in Unified English Braille (UEB).

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Each student kit includes Lesson Monitoring Sheets, Consumable Unit Assessment Packet, Student Textbook, and Worksheets Pack.

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Unit 1, That's So Silly!:

Unit 1 Kit
Unit 1 Teachers Edition Cover
  • Teacher’s Edition (includes Reference Volume):
  • Print: 8-78571-U1
  • Braille: 6-78571-U1

Unit 2, At Your Service:

Unit 2 Kit
Unit 2 Teachers Edition Cover

Unit 3, Family and Friends:

Unit 3 Kit
Unit 3 Teachers Edition Cover

Unit 4, Just for the Fun of It:

Unit 4 Kit
  • Student Kit–UEB: 6-78570-U4
  • This kit also includes the Braille Spelling Dictionary for Beginning Writers.
Unit 4 Teachers Edition Cover

Unit 5, It's a Natural Thing:

Unit 5 Kit
  • Student Kit–UEB: 6-78570-U5
  • This kit also includes a game board, point symbol stickers to mark the board, game cards, braille dice and shaker cup, and game tokens.
Unit 5 Teachers Edition Cover

Unit 6, A Walk on the Wild Side:

Unit 6 Kit
Unit 6 Teachers Edition Cover

Unit 7, Celebrate Books:

Unit 7 Kit
Unit 7 Teachers Edition Cover

Posttest Teacher's Manual - UEB:

Building on Patterns Second Grade Posttest Manual

Posttest Consumable Set - UEB:

Posttest Consumable Set
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Building on Patterns is fun, effective, and easy to use. Cartoon image of childeren reading and playing outside.
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